Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC


Professional Grooming in the Convenience of your Driveway​​

 Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC Policies

1.  Veterinary Services​​

We make every effort to ensure your pets grooming experience is pleasant and peaceful: however if your pet becomes ill or is hurt and the services of a Veterin​arian are required, you hereby give Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC permission to obtain treatment if you are not available to consent and you further agree to pay any and all veterinary expenses.

2.  Safety

Safety comes first for everyone during the grooming process, both people and pets.  You must inform us prior to providing any services to you  if you pet has bitten someone or has aggressive tendencies.  You are fully liable for any damages to our person or property and any consequential damages cause by your pet.  We will stop the grooming process if we feel your pets behavior may compromises our or their own safety.  Service charges will apply​​​​.

3.  Senior, overweight pets and pets with health problems​​

Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful ,especially for senior or overweight pets, and for pets with underlying health problems and these procedures may expose hidden medical conditions or they may aggravate existing ones during or or after grooming.​​  Because senior, overweight and pets with health problems have a greater chance of injury, these pets may be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, in styles that will not greatly add to their stress levels.  Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC is not or will not be held liable for any accident or injury to your senior, overweight or pet with underlying health problems during or after the grooming process.

4. Matted Pets and Mat removal

Removing a matted coat includes the risk of nicks, cuts and or abrasions due to moles, warts or skin folds trapped and hidden from view by the mats.  Matted fur can also trap moisture near the pet skin which can cause mold, fungus or bacteria skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming process.  The after-effects of mat removal may include but is not limited to itchiness, skin redness, self inflicted irritations, abrasions or failure or hair to regrow.  Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and should have either sun screen applied daily or be kept out of the sun until the hair regrows.  In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioral changes.  As the owner you are responsible for the condition of your pets coat and will not hold Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC responsible for any and all adverse effects as a result of mat removal.  Tender Care Mobile Grooming also reserves the right to not groom any  matted pet at any time.

5.  Cancellations

On rare occasions Tender Care Mobile Grooming LLC ​ may need to cancel appointments due to weather, road conditions, equipment failures or other situations beyond our control.  Every effort will be made to contact you in advance.
Our appointments are scheduled very tightly and for specific  areas on specific days.  We require at least 24 hour hour advanced notice of cancellation of appointments so that we may attempt to book your spot with some one else.  If we cannot re-book your appointment day and time ​​​​you will be charged the minimum service charge of $75.00 for not giving 24 hours notice of cancellation.

6.  Returned checks policy

All  grooming fees are due and payable at the time of service.  Returned checks for insufficient funds will be subject to a returned check fee of $50 plus any bank fees​​​​.  Any and all collection costs are the responsibility of the check writer/ signer.